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Ernie Petit

Ernie Petit

Ernie Petit, as Director for the company, has over 30 years experience in the analytical industry, most of which is focused on mass spectrometry applications, direct sales, and sales management in both small and large companies.

Mr. Petit has a unique background with a chemistry degree that led to an early career in applications and training, and later moved into direct sales for quadrupole, ion trap, and TOF mass spec systems with industry leading companies such as Thermo Instruments and AB Sciex. In addition, he has direct experience marketing and selling novel technology with emerging small companies such as PerSeptive Biosystems (TOF) and recently Protea Biosciences (LAESI ambient ionization). He has broad experience driving new technology into the marketplace using his breadth of knowledge in applications, marketing, and direct consultative sales.

As the principal member of NexTech Science Innovations, he is responsible to work with contracted companies and generate new sales for products related to mass spectrometry and additional analytical technologies. His goal is to help companies successfully generate sales for their current or emerging technology products in a cost efficient manner via independent sales support.