Why NexTech Science Innovations?

Analytical Instrumentation Sales Support

For the small company looking for a sales channel

Launching a new product into the competitive analytical marketplace is challenging. Launching a new product that incorporates a new technology, just adds to the complexity of the task to identify, educate, and sell to your market niche for your product. Hiring a sales force to accomplish these early sales may not satisfy your goals and oftentimes can be an expensive and time consuming proposition.

NexTech Science Innovations offers an alternative solution with these distinct advantages:

  • Instant proven experience applied to your product and application niche to help refine selling strategies and accelerate product sales and market acceptance.
  • Lead generation for key market segments.
  • Representation at relevant instrumentation and scientific conferences.
  • Consultative selling process to ensure customers have the right solution that works for them and satisfied user references for your product.
  • No extra full time employee expenses or overhead-NexTech Science Innovations operates with a simple independent sales cost structure-monthly retainer fee and straight commission plan.
  • Short or longer term contracts can be provided as needed by your company-as your needs change our services can accommodate.